1989-2009 A FRESHJIVE ODYSSEY (Part #3)

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1991 - For the next ASR show, Jive decides to throw a party. It gets actively promoted, and L.A. heads trek down to San Diego for the bash. The party becomes the industry event to be seen at and everyone attends. Because of turnout, people get turned away, the door gets crashed, security freaks, and the party gets shut down. At the newt trade show, everyone wants to know "WHERE THE JIVE PARTY'S AT ?".
Due to the company's association with club-flyer artwork (the Jive logo was always included), the burgeoning rave community in L.A. picks up on the iconography and heavily endorses the clothing line.

1992 - Jive brings live hiphop to the action sport world: Del Tha Funky Homosapien, The Pharcyde and House of Pain are all in attendance at ASR show and reppin'. The Pharcyde, about to drop its groundbreaking Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde album, performs at the Jive party and turns it out...

The live hiphop spectacle quickly becomes a skateboarding and snowboarding mainstay, as well as both industries biggest cliché.




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