1989-2009 A FRESHJIVE ODYSSEY (Part #2)

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                              The first Freshjive ad in The URB magazine ( issue #2 circa 1989)

1990- Coinciding with a school project, Rick Klotz takes popular logos such as Tide, Special K and Big Gulp, and replaces them with the words Fresh Jive.



The company becomes one of the first streetwear lines to appropriate such icons and incorporate them into its own logo. This becomes the hottest trend over the next five years and continues to this day...

Freshjive attends very first ASR (Action Sports Retailer) show in San Diego and is the first company to have turtables in its booth. At subsequent trade show it becomes impossible to walk down an aisle and not see DJ setups in booths.
Over the Pacific, Japaneses clients freak over Freshjive's unique look as a streetwear line. By the company's third year, FJ is taking half-a-million-Dollar tees orders in Japan alone!!


Rick KLOTZ:  "The significance came after the name. My friend Matt just blurted out the name Jive and it stuck. Then it mutated into Freshjive. The first tee I did were a school project. I had a teacher name Mick haggerty who was a pretty well-know artist back in the 70's; he did the Supertramp Breakfast In America album cover. I had his class and his project was to design posters. I wanted to make it into a Jive project, that way I could kill two birds with one stone. So I took these popular icons of supermarkets (Tide, Big Gulp, Special K) and I just replaced it with Jive. It was the whole double-take thing, the whole funness of it.
Freshjive came to mean just giving you a load of fresh bullshit. Fresh, hot, seeping bullshit!! "


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